Made Music American Express Campaign

Check out our newest spot, directed by Howard Nourmand and starring Steve Olson, for the premier of MADE Music. Partners and co-founders of MADE, Mazdack Rassi, Jenné Lombardo, and Keith Baptista, partnered with American Express to bring their incubator method of developing talent from the world of fashion to music.

Vanity Fair 100 Years: The Decades Series

Guided by the candid photography of Jean Pigozzi, Grand Jeté collaborates with producer and director Brett Ratner, to take us through the disco inferno of the 1970s, providing an insider¹s look at the stars who hustled through the bell-bottomed decade, including Steve Martin, Andy Warhol, and Mick Jagger.

The Be You Project: Tasya Van Ree

Directed by Howard Nourmand, the first spot for Genetic Denim’s “Be You Project” features artist and photographer Tasya Van Ree. Originally drawn to Tasya’s talent, vulnerability, and raw beauty, the spot gives viewers an honest look into her life and personal experiences thus far.

Girls Season Two

Customized typography for the logo/identity/opening title card for HBO’s new show ‘GIRLS’. Based on art-deco type styles, this crisp and modern interpretation evolved into a new school design. Catch season two of’Girls’ Sunday nights at 9:00pm on HBO.

Faites Le Calcul: Whetherly Spring 2013

Directed a short fashion film for Whetherly’s 2013 Spring collection. The film stars DJ’s Harley Viera Newton and Bobby Nourmand and is the third spot by Howard Noumand to date.

2011 Emmy Nomination

Congratulations to creative director Howard Nourmand for his 2011 Emmy Nomination on HBO’s “I Knew It Was You Documentary”. The film’s director, Richard Shepard, gave us what we needed to capture John Cazale’s remarkable life in a way that would be captivating, informative, and true to the feeling of the cinema in which he thrived.

Wall Street II: Money Never Sleeps

Working closely with director Oliver Stone, Grand Jeté explores the deconstruction of time, money, art & the pulse of economic change to create a painterly & hauntingly beautiful title sequence for the highly anticipated sequel to the 1987 classic, ‘Wall Street’

Whetherly Fall 2012

Directed a short fashion film for Whetherly’s 2012 Fall collection. The film stars Nathalie Love and is the second in an installation of three films.

Woody Allen: A Documentary

Grand Jeté spearheaded the visual design for the PBS documentary, ‘American Masters- Woody Allen: A Documentary”. The motion graphic & live action sequences created for this stylized treatment stemmed from the world of the iconic writer/director Woody Allen.


We collaborated with the film’s director Spencer Susser to illustrate and design a racy and provocative end scroll.

Life Unexpected

Grand Jeté created a 10 second opening title sequence for the first season of the new CW series, “Life Unexpected.”  We produced the sequence in a tight timeframe, handling all  production and post/FX to create a dreamy combination of live action and CG.

The Dog Problem

The titles for “The Dog Problem” explore the male psyche & the complex subject of love. Utilizing a number of graphic styles, including optical illusions, animated still photos & inkblots, this motion graphic piece stimulates the viewer with references to psychology & the human thought process.

Burning Palms

Inspired by vintage pulp fiction novels, Grand Jeté designed and animated the titles and chapter transitions for Burning Palms. Working with illustrator Jay Steiner, we coupled  live action footage with hand-painted stills in a three-dimensional environment to achieve a flow of seamless storytelling.

Bunker 77

A blast through the life of “Bunker Spreckels Surfing’s Devine Prince of Decadence.” The film was directed by Takuji Masuda & produced by Super X Media.